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Sheryl Crow Quotations
Commentary © 2008-2011  Richard Chandler & Bonnett Chandler

Sheryl Crow

The American rock singer, guitarist, and songwriter, Sheryl Crow blends country, folk, pop and blues into a mainstream sound that combines sunny rock tunes with world-weary ballads. She toured with Michael Jackson during the BAD world tour in 1987-1989 and has played with such musicians as Sting, Stevie Wonder, Don Henley, and Sinead O’Conner. She has won nine Grammies for her eclectic sound and has written songs for other artists, notably, Celine Dion and Wynonna Judd. Crow recently added political activism to her credits, engaging Karl Rove in a heated exchange about global warming at the 2007 White House Correspondents Dinner. She had several high profile relationships which included Eric Clapton, Owen Wilson, and most recently Lance Armstrong, with whom she separated in 2006. Although she was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer in 2006, but has had a prognosis for full recovery.

“Your art kind of changes as you get older, by nature of the fact that you’re hopefully gaining wisdom and you’re starting to watch things with a better overview.”

“You can’t be in the public eye without making mistakes and having some regrets and having people analyze everything you do.”

“I think war is based in greed and there are huge karmic retributions that will follow. I think war is never the answer to solving any problems. The best way to solve problems is to not have enemies.”

“I have been around for a long, long time. I didn't make it 'til I was older. I went through the period when women were not getting signed, particularly if you were writing songs that were lyrically propelled.”


“Beck said he didn't believe in the theory of a song coming through you as if you were an open vessel. I agree with him to a certain extent.”

“More than 10 million Americans are living with cancer, and they demonstrate the ever-increasing possibility of living beyond cancer.”

“I am joining the more than 200,000 women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. We are a testament to the importance of early detection and new treatments ... I am inspired by the brave women who have faced this battle before me and grateful for the support of family and friends.”

“A song that sounds simple is just not that easy to write.”

“The video forum for me has been a source of great consternation because once you start projecting a look to a song, it robs the listener of their ability to adopt that song and make the lyric their own.”

“The greatest hits in some weird way marks the end of something.”

“That feeling of freedom, open highways of possibilities, has kind of been lost to materialism and marketing.”

“Music really becomes the soundtrack to the major events to your life.

- Sheryl Crow  (1962- )

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