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Famous Quotes Homepage is very much like Music Quotes Homepage, except it features quotations from a broad arena of catagories including art, history, success, leadership, education, spirtuality, wisdom, health and more! It is updated daily with fresh news links and commentary. Please consider going to it often. It is owned by Richard and Bonnett Chandler

AcuPolarity Wellness Center - owned by Richard & Bonnett Chandler. This site features information, articles and insights on natural health, wellness, weight loss, nutritional supplements, anti aging and proaging, massage, bodywork and our natural healthcare practice in St. Cloud, MN

AgeLess Yoga - owned by Richard & Bonnett Chandler. This site features information, articles and insights on yoga, spiritual practices & innovative exercise for health, weight loss, toning, strength, balance and flexibility as well as our yoga classes in St. Cloud, MN

Richard J. Chandler - How To Create Rich Success In Your Life - Tips for creating rich success, happiness and wealth in your life through music, natural holistic health, yoga, loving relationships, business hobbies, pets and a green approach in caring for your own home environment. - Owned by Richard & Bonnett Chandler.

IntegraLife Publishing - owned by Richard & Bonnett Chandler. This site features self-help publications and information for life coaches, psychologists, therapists, pastors, spiritual counselors and their clients. - owned by Richard Chandler, RPP (past editor of APTA's ENERGY newsletter) and Bonnett Chandler. This site shows news, views and articles related to Polarity Therapy. - owned by John Beaulieu, Ph.d, ND (past President of APTA) and Thea Beaulieu - Saxophone Performer & Teacher, Richard Dirlam - Living Composer of outstanding music - The stie of Yuichi Ura, composer, conductor and graduate student in music, currently working and studying at St. Cloud State Universtity in St. Cloud, MN

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