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Music Quotes by Author
Music Quotations by Author
Commentary © 2009  Richard Chandler & Bonnett Chandler

Maya Angelou

Woody Allen

Diane Arbus

Johann Sebastian Bach

Tony Bennett

Ingred Bergman

Leonard Bernstein

Albert Camus

Richard Chandler Articles

Aaron Copland

Bill Cosby

Sheryl Crow

Albert Einstein

Queen Elizabeth II

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Aretha Franklin

Sigmund Freud

Erich Fromm

Andre Gide

Andy Goldsworthy

Jennifer Higdon

Garrison Keillor

Abraham Lincoln

John Locke

Steve Martin

Edgar Meyer

Joni Mitchell

Music & Musician Articles

Albert Schweitzer

George Bernard Shaw


Igor Stravinsky

Meryl Streep

Mark Twain

Tracey Ullman

Oprah Winfrey

Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa Inspired Articles

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